EXO Revealed What Type Of Genre They’d Like To Try And Their Answer Will Surprise You

EXO are truly the kings of every genre!

EXO have tried out a ton of different music genres throughout the years and have always pulled each one off so flawlessly that it seems like that every genre was made just for them! That doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t have more types of music to try out and they recently revealed their top picks for testing.


The other day, EXO’s “ElyXiOn Live” album and concert book finally dropped. During an interview section, each of the members was asked what type of genre they would like to take on next and their answers were a bit of a surprise to many netizens.


First, there was Baekhyun‘s answer. In the past, Baekhyun has expressed his desire to try out ballad songs. With his honey vocals, ballad songs would be sweet music to all our ears, but this time around Baekhyun actually had something different in mind!

“I don’t want to be known as a singer of a certain genre. I really want to challenge myself with anything from hip-hop to country. Everything! Recently, I’m actually challenging the dance genre.”

— Baekhyun


Baekhyun wasn’t the only one to surprise fans with his answer. Chanyeol also expressed his desire to try out something brand new.

“I like hip-hop but I don’t think authentic hip-hop is really suitable for me. Rather, I want to challenge myself with jazz hip-hop. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved jazz hip-hop artists like Nujabes, Beenzino, and Jazzyfact.”

— Chanyeol


Then there was Kai, who knows that because EXO has tried out so many genres if he ever dropped a solo album he wouldn’t be able to simply stick with one type of music!

“I don’t know what genre I would do for a solo album. If there’s one that that is certain, it’s that my solo album won’t feature just one genre because I want to present various types of music and performances. If I ever release a solo album, it’ll be very different from what I showed as EXO’s Kai. I’ll surprise EXO, EXO-L, and the public with the new side of me!”

— Kai


Their answers were a little bit of a surprise to many fans as they had never considered some of these genres before, but they know that if the members ever tackled any of them, they would pull them off just like they’ve done with all the rest!