Two Rookie Idols Have Just Joined EXO Kai’s Fanclub And EXO-Ls Couldn’t Be Happier

They named Kai as their role model and called him the most influential idol!

By now, everyone should know how amazing EXO‘s Kai is. He’s gone viral several times thanks to his super sexy dance moves…


He has the voice of an angel…


And he’s incredibly sweet!


It’s really not hard to see why a number of idols have been caught fanboying over his talents!

9 Times Male Idols Were Caught Fanboying Over EXO’s Kai


But the list of people he’s impressed continues to get longer by the day. A few days ago, he formed a special bond with the “Under 19” trainees…

EXO’s Kai Shares His Wisdom With Talented Trainees In “Under 19”


And fans have recently welcomed a couple more new members to join Kai’s fanclub! It all started a few months back when ATEEZ‘s Yunho named Kai as the most influential idol during a fan sign event.


Then he gave Kai even more praise during a recent interview. After he revealed that Kai is his role model…


He said that he wants to learn how to express himself just like Kai!


Yunho wasn’t the only ATEEZ member that named Kai as his role model though. At a recent event, Seonghwa also revealed that he looks up to Kai too!

Seonghwa also picked SHINee‘s Taemin as his role model.


With his many skills, it’s no wonder that Kai been receiving a lot of love from his hoobaes and is someone they look up to!