EXO’s Kai Tried Hard To Rein In Baekhyun When His Energy Levels Reached New Heights At Their Concert

In the end, Kai was so done with his hyung!

It’s very normal for Baekhyun to be full of energy on stage and off and while EXO are used to his incredibly energetic tendencies, sometimes even they just can’t deal which is exactly how Kai was feeling when Baekhyun was overflowing with energy at a recent EXplOration concert in Osaka.


During the concert, EXO were having a pretty normal performance, with each of the members getting into their song and leaving fans breathless with their honey vocals and strong rap skills.


But as the performance went on, Baekhyun’s energy levels kept going up and by the time it got to Kai’s part, well, he decided to let it all out!


Kai, meanwhile, was so not ready for Baekhyun’s mischevious energy to make an appearance and playfully stopped his hyung from going overboard.


While Baekhyun may have toned down his energy for the rest of the song, he certainly wasn’t teasing Kai! At the end of the concert when Kai was trying to give his ending ment, well, Baekhyun let his hyper side run wild once more. Poor Kai, meanwhile, was just so done!


Although Kai may have been done with all of  Baekhyun’s wild antics, EXO-Ls have been loving them and Kai’s hilarious reaction to all that hyperness!


Of course, they’ve also been pointing out how some things never change. And really, they don’t!