Netizens Are Comparing Kai To This Cartoon Character And The Resemblance Is Incredible

And it’s not a bear!

There’s really no one like EXO‘s Kai. His outstanding vocals, killer dance moves, jaw-dropping visuals, and loveable personality are 100% Kai. So it seems like it would be safe to say that it’s impossible to compare Kai to anyone! Except netizens have found his cartoon twin, and the resemblance is totally uncanny.


Not too long ago, Korean fans noticed that one Loony Tunes cartoon character looked a lot like the idol!


The more fans looked at pictures of Tweety, the more they realized the two were secretly twins.


So Korean netizens started a new hashtag, #엑소카이_트위티_전력 (#EXOKai_Tweety_Power), and began posting all the photos they could find that were a perfect match between the character and Kai.


The more photos that went up, the more people were blown away by the adorable comparison…


And soon fans from all over the world were adding their own spin on it!


But just because Kai is twinning with Tweety doesn’t mean he won’t forever be our Nini Bear!