EXO-Ls Welcomed Two New Members To Kai’s Fanclub After They Professed Their Love For Him

Kai’s fanclub just keeps growing!

Ever since he made his debut, EXO‘s Kai has made everyone fall head over heels for him. It’s not just his stunning visuals, intense dance moves, or sweet vocals that have drawn people to Kai. It’s also his dedication to being the best performer and his kind and caring personality.


So it’s really no surprise that over the years, more and more people have fallen for Kai including the two latest celebrities, actor Kim Woo Seok and THE BOYZ‘s Joo Haknyeon.


No one had any idea that Kim Woo Seok was Kai’s fan until very recently when he shared a screenshot of Kai’s “Love Shot” focus fancam!

The crisis of becoming a fan of an idol has come into my life.

— Kim Woo Seok


Shortly after that first post, Kim Woo Seok was caught uploading a second screenshot of the legendary fancam and telling everyone to become Kai’s fan too!

Everyone, do become a fan too, please! This is my 40th time watching this video!

— Kim Woo Seok


But of course, Kim Woo Seok wasn’t the only person to show his love for Kai recently! A few months back THE BOYZ performed EXO’s “Call Me Bay” on M! Countdown and fans recently got to see a behind the scenes video from the event that showed how big a fan Haknyeon is of Kai!


Not only did Haknyeon reveal that he always watches EXO’s videos, he revealed just how much he looks up to Kai!

I’ve been of fan of EXO Kai sunbaenim for forever and I’ve always watched all their videos. Honestly, when he passes by I get so nervous I can’t speak. I want to tell him, ‘I am your fan and I watch your performances a lot’ but I can’t do it.

— Haknyeon


On top of that, he also shared just how excited he was when he learned they would be performing EXO’s song!

When I found out we were doing this song I was so excited but also a bit worried. After all, Kai sunbaenim always executed this perfectly so I couldn’t help wondering how I was going to do it.

— Haknyeon


Kim Woo Seok and Joo Haknyeon aren’t the only ones who have fallen for Kai’s charms. Over the years, Kai has been named a role model by many and plenty of other celebrities have been blown away by him too! But with so much talent and a sweet personality, it’s no wonder that Kai’s fanclub just keeps growing!