EXO Kai’s Gayo Daejeon Performance Is Still Reigning Supreme With Love From Insight Korea

Just reason #100 why Kai is king!

EXO Kai is an undisputedly great dancer.


His graceful moves are always stunning to watch and when he goes full out he has the ability to stop everyone’s heart.


One of his most heartstopping stages was his stage at SBS‘s Gayo Daejeon on December 25th.


He trended for days after the performance…

Korea Still Can’t Get Over EXO’s Gayo Daejeon “Love Shot” Performance


And absolutely nobody could stop talking about it!

No One Can Stop Talking About EXO Kai’s Sexy Solo Gayo Daejeon Stage


Even now, a full week and then some, Kai’s Gayo Daejeon dance is still getting a ton of recognition!


Insight Korea recently released an article with the top 7 most legendary stages from the year-end shows and Kai’s solo performance was not only one of only three solo stages that gained recognition…

The other two were Hwasa’s Daejejeon performance and Park Na Rae’s Entertainment Awards showstopper!


It also ranked right at the top at number 4!


Now that’s Kai’s power!


Watch it one more time in the video below:

Source: Insight