This Idol Is The Second Fastest Person In The World To Gain 1M Instagram Followers

It is clear the online world missed his presence!

When EXO‘s Kai made his way back to the Instagram world with his brand new account ‘zkdlin‘, fans were thrilled to finally be able to interact with him again!


His return to social media was quite anticipated and welcomed, as he became the second Instagrammer in the world to gain a million followers in the shortest time.


Shortly after Kai created this new account Chanyeol commented on a post and hinted to fans that this was Kai’s new Instagram. EXO-Ls immediately rushed to the new account and followed, causing the follower count to skyrocket!

“You finally started again.” — Chanyeol


Kai’s Instagram account had a million followers within the first 15 hours.

The only person so far to have gained a million followers faster than Kai was Pope Francis, who gained a million followers within the first twelve hours of making his official Instagram account in 2016.

The third runner-up is soccer player David Beckham. He was able to attract a million followers within the first 24 hours of making his Instagram account in 2015.


Even US news channels were hyped about Kai trending on Instagram!


Fans just love Kai’s active social media engagement!

Source: Star Daily