These 16 Photos Prove EXO Kai’s Jawline Is Sharper Than Any Kitchen Knife

Careful or you might just get hurt.

While EXO Kai’s undeniably sweet personality, dangerous dance moves, and honey vocals have the ability to melt everyone’s heart, there’s at least one thing about Kai that doesn’t just melt hearts it sets them straight on fire!


Everyone EXO-L knows that Kai’s visuals can go from puppy soft…


To fiery hot in the blink of an eye!



But no matter what kind of visual Kai is showing to fans…

kai 6

There’s always one feature that stands out and that’s his sharp jawline.

kai 7


EXO-Ls have always been in love with this particular feature of Kai’s.

kai 10

They’ve marveled at how defined his jaw really is…

kai 3

And have even found out the exact measurements!

kai 16

It’s 130 degrees if you were curious!


It’s always on full glorious display…

And any time the camera catches him…

Fans can’t help but feel a little breathless.

kai 4


Scratch that, really breathless!

kai 9

His 130-degree jawline has led many fans to state that Kai’s jaw is sharp enough to slice bread…

kai 5


As well as cut diamonds!

kai 2

We’re 100% convinced it’s got the ability to reduce hearts to shreds…


And he seems to know it too!


But you know what they say, Kai’s jawline is sharper than any kitchen knife!

kai 8

. . .