EXO’s Kai Was Having So Much Fun On Stage He Almost Missed The Ending Bow

Thankfully, Mihawk was there to reign him in!

EXO recently made a stop in Hong Kong for their EXplOration tour and once again left everyone feeling breathless with their amazing performances, playful interactions, and sweet ments. EXO had so much fun with EXO-Ls that when it came time for them to take their bow, well, Kai almost missed it!


When it came to the part of the night where EXO give their final bow, Kai was still having way too much fun. So much fun, in fact, that he continued doing his own thing as the rest of his members did their bow.


Thankfully, there was one person ready to take on very playful Nini! Mihawk, a top-choreographer, dancer, and friend of EXO, caught sight of Kai and reached out to pull him down for his bow!


Although once he’d managed that, Kai’s playful side came back out as he teasingly kept himself higher than Mihawk!


Although the moment was brief, it’s been putting a smile on everyone’s face.


Seriously though, this interaction was so cute!