An Old Fancam Of EXO’s Kai Is Going Viral, Leaving Fans Breathless

Kai has done it again!

Last week a fancam of Kai’s “Tempo” performance at EXO‘s comeback showcase went majorly viral with netizens from inside and outside the fandom going to take a peek at the performance.

Netizens Are Freaking Out Over EXO Kai’s Viral Fancam


And while many people are still marveling at that particular fancam, a much older fancam of the idol has suddenly sparked a ton of interest!


Specifically, a 30-second clip has gained quickly racked up the views!


The short clip is from EXO’s performance at the “2017 Dream Concert” and was uploaded on June 3, 2017. While the video had gained a number of views to start with…


Over the past couple of days, it’s gone viral and has shot past 1 million views! It’s also been retweeted close to 23,000 times and has nearly 14,000 likes.


Fans have been going crazy for the clip because it not only shows a clear demonstration of Kai’s talents…


But it also shows just how many heart-stopping expressions he can fit in the span of 30 seconds.


Fans are incredibly happy that this particular fancam is going viral.


Meanwhile, the full performance has recently been reuploaded much to everyone’s delight!


Check out the glorious 30-second clip as well as the full performance for yourself below!