Kai reveals how he felt to dance again after his injury

EXO’s Kai is ecstatic that he can dance again after suffering from an ankle injury last year in this heartwarming video.

Last year, Kai sustained an ankle injury that left him unable to promote with the rest of his fellow members. EXO has been promoting its repackaged album, Lotto, since then and has continued to meet fans through their concert tour. Due to his ankle, a heartbroken Kai was forced to stay seated during their promotional appearances and performances.

On the recently released DVD from their concerts in Japan, Kai revealed how extremely happy he was to be able to dance again.

“I couldn’t control myself yesterday because I was too happy to dance after a long time. I wanted to just scream in the middle of dancing (out of too much happiness). I wanted to dance so badly. So, I did rehab training for three hours every day. Even on days that I had schedule, I still did at least an hour. I was too stressed out about the injury.

Actually, the doctor told me that it would take much longer to recover at first but I guess thanks to the hard training, I was able to dance again sooner than that. So, I’m very happy now.”

– EXO’s Kai 

The confession was included in their concert DVD EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM in Japan.