EXO-Ls Found Out “Ko Ko Bop Part 2” Is Coming And They Don’t Know How To Feel

Opinions are very divided.

EXO‘s “Ko Ko Bop” will always be a song that EXO-Ls will think of fondly, and fans have recently found out that it could be getting a second part and they don’t know how to feel.


The hit song not only was a total bop that won a number of awards, but it was also the song that EXO-Ls listened to on repeat as they waited for EXO to have another comeback. It’s safe to say that EXO-Ls absolutely love the song and always will but fans found out recently that it might be getting a second part and opinions have been pretty divided.


Recently, top producer Marz posted an Instagram Story updating fans that the team was back in Korea while giving a hint that they are working on a second part to “Ko Ko Bop”.


Hearing that “Ko Ko Bop Part 2” could be a possibility, many EXO-Ls immediately expressed their excitement over it and thought it even might be a hint that the group will be having a comeback soon.


But other EXO-Ls weren’t so certain what this could mean. Some fans expressed their concern that the song wouldn’t actually be for EXO.


A few fans admitted they just weren’t up for a revisit of “Ko Ko Bop”.


While others weren’t sure Marz literally meant “Ko Ko Bop Part 2”!


Despite all the differing opinions on the possibility of “Ko Ko Bop Part 2”, we won’t know what Marz really has planned until we get another update or music drops.