A Fanboy Declared His Love For EXO’s Lay At His Concert And What Lay Did Next Was Everything

Everyone is loving Lay’s reaction:

Although EXO‘s Lay has only made one stop so far on his Grandline tour, he’s already given fans a whole lot of unforgettable and sweet moments. Among them all there is one moment, in particular, that fans just can’t stop talking about!


During one part of his concert in Shanghai, Lay asked his fans if they were ready to move on to the next song. After getting a resounding answer from the crowd, Lay got himself in position…


When suddenly, a fan just couldn’t hold back his love for Lay any longer and declared it for everyone to hear! Upon hearing the words, Lay started looking around for the source of the love confession…

I love you!

— Fan


Before Lay smiled widely and shyly thanked the fan for his love!

Thank you!

— Lay


The moment has been receiving a whole lot of love and attention from fans who just can’t get the adorable moment off their minds.


But it really isn’t hard to understand why because the moment couldn’t have been any sweeter!