EXO’s Lay May Have Just Promised To Hold A Concert This Year And Everyone’s Flipping Out

It looks like 2019 is going to be a very good year!

Within just a few hours, EXO‘s Lay shocked fans not just once, but twice! First, everyone was surprised to see Lay sharing the stage with both Steve Aoki and A$AP Ferg at the Samsung Fan Event concert, sparking talk about possible collaborations


And then he dropped a second bombshell that has really made everyone flip out! During one part of the Samsung event, Lay was asked if he had any plans to hold his first solo concert in 2019.

“Do you have any plans for a solo concert?”

— MC


Turning to the crowd, he asked if he should hold one.

“Do you guys want to see it?”

— Lay


After receiving a positive reaction, he then announced he would make it possible!

“Then I’ll have it this year!”

— Lay


While fans would love to see Lay taking part in EXO’s fifth world tour, they also love the possibility that Lay could be doing a solo tour too!


Although he may have just said it to make fans happy, there is a possibility that it could really happen! Who knows what 2019 will really bring!