Filipino Basketball Team Stopped Playing Mid-Game Just To Dance To EXO’s “Love Shot”

They busted out the moves in the middle of the game:

With famous Filipino celebs like actor Daniel Padilla, Gerald Anderson, and comedian Vice Ganda facing off on the court the most recent Kapamilya All-Star Game 2019 game already promised to be an exciting basketball match but add in a performance of EXO‘s “Love Shot” mid-game and it’s quickly stealing everyone’s heart!


With Team Showtime and Team Star Magic both showing off their excellent skills on the court, Team Showtime had one special surprise in store for everyone. During the game, Team Showtime suddenly stopped and gathered together in the middle of the court.


At first, the action definitely surprised Team Star Magic and everyone else but they soon had everyone smiling wide when EXO’s “Love Shot” suddenly began playing and Team Showtime showed off their moves!


Once they had completed the legendary moves, they quickly picked the game up right where they left off.


Although the “Love Shot” moment was quick, everyone’s seriously been loving the surprise dance.


This isn’t the first time a Filipino team has danced to EXO’s songs during a basketball game. During the big PBA All-Star 2019 Game back in April, the South All-Stars showed off their own “Love Shot” moves during the bonus point part of the game! With the new mid-game version with Team Showtime now putting a huge smile on everyone’s face, it’s just further proof that no one can resist EXO and “Love Shot”!