EXO members bashed online for allagedly ignoring their juniors NCT

Popular idol groups often cheer on the junior groups from their agency by posting about their releases and promotions on SNS. 

However, male group EXO has come under fire from fans of SM Entertainment‘s newest group NCT for not showing any support for the group despite already starting their second sub-unit NCT 127. Although not all senior groups promote their junior groups on SNS all the time, fans of NCT have wondered why EXO isn’t helping push NCT, with some even suggesting that EXO is jealous and feeling threatened by the boys.




1. Why aren’t you promoting NCT

2. It’s not a must but honestly they help promote all other junior groups and they dont’ help them out it’s so obvious why ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s all because they’re jealous (feel threatened) (edited)

3. I can feel Chanyeol’s frustration all the way from here

Source: Instiz

Check out NCT sub-unit NCT 127’s first music video “Fire Truck” below: