The Security At EXO-SC’s Event Might Have Looked Strict But They Turned Out To Be True EXO-Ls At Heart

They were fans too!

When fans arrived at Chanyeol and Sehun‘s EXO-SC fan event in Qingdao, China they were greeted by a reported 500 security guards at the venue. And while fans suspected these guards would be strict, they soon found out that they were true EXO-Ls at heart.


Although the 500 security guards were stationed around the venue and were ready to leap into action to protect Sehun, Chanyeol, and EXO-Ls at any time, they were also ready to make sure EXO-Ls had an amazing time at the event and have a little fun themselves too!


During the event, several of the guards were spotted fitting right in with EXO-Ls! There were some guards who took some of the support banners and used them to cool EXO-Ls down…


And another who jumped straight into the EXO-L way of life and showed off his love for EXO-SC with a Sehun headband!


Meanwhile, a whole row of security guards blended into the atmosphere when they looked like they were wearing Chanyeol’s banners on their backs!


While this security guard had everyone laughing thanks to his reaction to hearing EXO-Ls cheering for Sehun and Chanyeol!


With the security guards’ true EXO-L identities on full display, they successfully won over everyone’s heart and it’s easy to see why!