Sehun Totally Forgot Chanyeol’s Birthday So He Hatched A Genius Plan To Blame It On Baekhyun

Sehun is the ultimate evil-genius!

EXO’s Sehun and Chanyeol have known each other for years, spent a ton of time together both on and off stage, have an adorable friendship, and even have a whole subunit together, but Sehun hilariously forgot when Chanyeol’s birthday was and blamed it all on Baekhyun.


EXO recently performed in Jakarta on their EXplOration tour where they sizzled with their flawless performances, cracked fans up with their shenanigans, and melted hearts with their ments. Among the hilarious moments from the concert, however, there was one in particular that really had fans losing it!


During the concert, Chanyeol was talking about his upcoming birthday plans. While Chanyeol was talking Baekhyun noticed Sehun seemed to be confused, leaned in, and revealed there were only a couple more days left until Chanyeol’s big day. Baekhyun even held up four fingers to let Sehun know!


Hearing what he’d forgotten, Sehun was probably a little worried that Baekhyun would spill his secret so he devised a plan that would make any evil-genius proud! Quickly stepping into Chanyeol’s conversation, Sehun told everyone that it was Baekhyun who had forgotten his birthday!

I just learned something important! Baekhyun hyung doesn’t know when (Chanyeol) hyung’s birthday is!

— Sehun


When Chanyeol heard, he lobbed a plushie straight for Baekhyun as Baekhyun began singing “This Fallen Love” cracking everyone up!

There’s four more days left until Chanyeollie’s birthday. Four more days!

— Baekhyun


Meanwhile, Sehun was laughing the hardest of all as his plan worked exactly as he wanted!


Since EXO-Ls discovered Sehun’s trickery they haven’t been able to catch their breath because they’ve been laughing so hard over this moment!


But even if Chanyeol’s birthday slipped Sehun’s mind and he blamed it all on Baekhyun, there’s no doubt he’ll celebrate Chanyeol’s birthday in epic style with him!