EXO’s Sehun Was The Happiest Maknae Ever When He Spotted Plushies That Looked Like His Doggo Vivi

He had a whole Vivi family!

As a proud dog dad, EXO‘s Sehun was the happiest maknae around when he was gifted with a number of puppy plushies that looked just like his own sweet pup Vivi!


EXO just added another spectacular stop to their EXplOration tour with a stop in Singapore. Their concert was filled with jaw-dropping performances, heart-fluttering interactions, and heaps of precious moments to make the best memories including one very adorable moment with Sehun and all those Vivi-esque plush toys!


Knowing how much Sehun loves his sweet bichon frise, EXO-Ls made sure there were plenty of adorable mini versions of Vivi at the concert and from the moment Sehun came across the first one, he was definitely feeling the love! First, Sehun spent some time dancing around with his mini-Vivi…


Before he discovered even more of the cute doggos! And once discovered, Sehun had to make a cute little Vivi family!


So in the middle of a song, Sehun gathered up all those plushies and set about carefully putting them in a row.


And once Chanyeol noticed what Sehun was up to, he decided to help him by finding and adding more of those Vivi toys to Sehun’s collection!


The adorable moment has since taken over Twitter and everyone’s heart…


And it’s easy to see why!