EXO-Ls Are Declaring EXO Sehun’s Latest Wardrobe Malfunction The Cutest Thing Ever

Sehun and D.O.’s reactions were priceless.

Normally wardrobe accidents are considered to be a bit of a disaster but EXO‘s Sehun‘s latest wardrobe malfunction is gaining a lot of attention because it’s actually really cute.


The adorable accident happened while EXO were performing at 2018 MBC Show Champion in Manila.


EXO had just started their routine to “Power” when the embellishments on the sleeve of Sehun’s jacket caught hold of the one’s on D.O.‘s shirt.


The two were stuck fast and the rest of the group seemed completely unaware that two of their fellow members were stuck together!


With the help of Sehun’s quick fingers, he was able to untangle himself from D.O., although the two couldn’t stop themselves from laughing at the awkward situation!


While D.O. had to quickly compose himself to sing his part in the song…


Sehun struggled to stop laughing over the incident.


And even when everyone thought he’d finally composed himself, thoughts of the accident once more popped into his head and made him laugh!


Eventually, Sehun was able to control himself in order to deliver his rap lines in complete seriousness.


But the accident and the reactions by D.O. and Sehun have captured the hearts of EXO-Ls who think this is the cutest wardrobe malfunction ever!


Check out the most adorable wardrobe malfunction there is by checking out the clip or the full performance below!