EXO Hinted At “Love Shot” Over 5 Years Ago, And Here’s Proof

They say diamonds are forever and this one goes back to EXO’s beginnings!

Everyone knows that idols love to keep fans guessing and always add hints and clues to all their music videos that relate back to an even bigger picture. It looks like EXO and SM Entertainment had the exact plan in mind!


Not too long ago, EXO dropped their 5th repackaged album. Everyone fell in love with the amazing songs especially “Love Shot” with its amazing beat, unbeatable vocals, and incredibly sexy choreography.


The Love Shot album also came with a brand new logo, a sparkly diamond. A new logo is nothing new to EXO-Ls who are always excited to see the logo transformation each and every comeback, but some fans noticed something a little familiar about the logo.


And after looking at past EXO works, they realized why it looked so familiar. Not only did the backdrop in “Tempo” feature what appears to be a stylized version of a diamond…


But the diamond goes back much farther in time. One of the stylized diamonds appears on the Growl album released in 2013…


As well as the XOXO album cover!


A large diamond shape also makes an appearance on the ceiling in the group’s “Overdose” music video released in 2014!


EXO-Ls have also found many other diamond connections and, although this could simply be a coincidence, fans have long suspected that SM Entertainment and EXO have been planning something big with their storyline. It looks like we might be finding out very soon!