EXO’s Manager Teased Suho Over His Post About Chen’s New Album And EXO-Ls Are Loving It

Their managers got in a little Suho teasing and showed their support for Chen:

With Chen‘s new mini-album now out, EXO and their managers have been taking over Instagram, KakaoTalk group chats, and going live to show him a whole lot of love and support. While all this love and support has been making fans melt, thanks to one moment between Suho and their managers, fans also got a good laugh!


Shortly after Dear my dear dropped, Suho took to Instagram to show his support for Chen by posting a picture of the album artwork along with a sweet and creative caption.

#WhatShallWeDo (the literal translation of Chen’s “Shall We?”) What do you mean what shall we do? We should listen to Chen’s song! 


The caption didn’t just capture the attention of EXO-Ls, however! Pretty soon, two of EXO’s managers saw the post and decided to leave some comments and get in a little teasing too! With one manager teasing Suho while agreeing with his comment…


Another simply straight-up trolling him!


But you know what they say, great minds think alike! The first manager also posted a sweet message of support for Chen…

It’s out!! I really like this song too. The illustration is pretty… Isn’t it perfect? I think it would be great to listen to this song while looking up at the sky by the Han River. Trust me!


And this was what the second teasing manager had to say!

What should we do? Stream right away~


Meanwhile, fans have been sending Chen and his new mini-album a whole lot of love too, taking over the trending hashtags and enjoying his music! You can check out Chen’s “Shall We?” MV from his new album below!