If Suho Wasn’t The Leader Of EXO, According To Suho This Member Would Be

It came straight from the leader’s mouth!

It’s impossible to think of EXO without having Suho as their fearless leader. He’s the perfect man for the job and knows exactly how to keep his members under control while still having plenty of fun with them, but if Suho wasn’t the leader then this other member would be!


EXO’s recent release of their “ElyXiOn Live” album came with an interview section so that fans could find out a little bit more about what the members have been up to and have all their burning questions answered. During one portion of the interview, Kai wanted to know what would happen if Suho was the real maknae of the group and asked his opinion on who would make a good leader.

“What do you think it would be like if you were the maknae out of all the members? And who do you think would be good as a leader?”

— Kai


While Suho revealed he thought it would be great to be the maknae

“If I were the maknae, I think it would be great! I wouldn’t really have a burden.”

— Suho


He also didn’t have to think long at all to name a different member…although his reason was pretty unique!

“If I had to give the leader role to someone, I want to give it to our maknae. Sehun is always saying, ‘I would do great if I were the leader.’ So I would really want to see if Sehun will lead EXO well!”

— Suho


There’s no doubt that Sehun would make a great leader…


But at the same time, it’s impossible to imagine EXO without having Suho as their leader!