EXO Suho’s Reason For Not Posting One Photo To Instagram Is Guaranteed To Make You Soft

Suho is so thoughtful and soft!

There’s definitely a reason why many people call EXO‘s Suho their Instagram boyfriend. With every post, Suho makes you fall even further in love with him thanks to his stunning selcas, sweet posts about his friends, and lots of adorable Suho moments.


While Suho is never shy about sharing all those cute photos with fans, he did admit that there was one photo he decided never to upload! Back in March, Suho spent some time in Brisbane and hung out with some friendly kangaroos.

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It turns out, however, that Kangaroos weren’t the only Aussies Suho met. He also got to know a few cute koalas too!


But why did Suho upload the photos of his time together with the kangaroos but not the koalas? During an interview with High Cut magazine, Suho revealed he deliberately didn’t post those photos because he was worried about the koalas and their rest!

I took pictures with kangaroos and koalas too. I was worried that a lot of people might want to take pictures with the koalas if I uploaded the pictures I took so I thought it would be better to let them sleep!

— Suho


While many EXO-Ls would have loved to see some of those adorable photos, hearing Suho’s answer had fans everywhere feeling some serious love for the soft and thoughtful leader.


There’s no denying seeing Suho with koalas would have been super sweet but his reason for not posting the pics is pure Suho softness!