Suho Almost Made The World Come To A Stop With His Recent Heavenly Visuals

The world almost stopped spinning because of #SUHO_BVLGARI.

EXO‘s Suho has many talents. He’s got the voice of an angel, his dance moves can make any heart flutter, he’s got some serious acting chops, and his visuals are straight from the heavens!


As many fans know, Suho recently touched down in Rome, Italy for the Bulgari fashion show. While fans already had to prepare their hearts for the major visuals they knew Suho was going to be serving at the luxury brand event, no one was quite prepared for what they got!


Pure heavenly looks sent straight from above!


From the moment he arrived at the event, it was as if Suho had made the whole world stop because of his heart-fluttering good looks.


Although the crowd was relatively quiet upon Suho’s arrival, don’t let that fool you! They were really just blown away by his appearance and everyone was really was going crazy for Suho!


And why wouldn’t they? Suho’s looks could kill!


Suho’s powerful and jaw-dropping handsomeness has been leaving netizens pretty speechless.


And as more pictures and videos continue to make their way online, everyone’s timelines have been filling up up handsome Suho! In fact, Suho has already topped the trending charts in the Philippines and fans are working hard to get him to trend worldwide.


What a powerful, stylish, talented, and oh so handsome leader!