Everyone is 110% Convinced That EXO’s Suho And Xiumin Aren’t Just Idols After Seeing Their Futsal Match

They aren’t idols, they’re gods!

Everyone knows that EXO are the kings of K-Pop!


Their skills on stage are no joke…


And there’s no denying they are incredibly good at making our hearts flutter!


They simply are not ordinary by any stretch!


But after seeing the teaser for Xiumin and Suho‘s futsal match, fans are convinced that they aren’t just idols or kings, they are gods!


While watching Xiumin run around the field…


Fans felt ridiculously breathless.


And when they saw Suho…


Their hearts skipped a beat or two!


The two of them together were not only a visual powerhouse but a force to be reckoned with!


We can’t even imagine what kind of feelings they’ll bring when the full video drops, but make sure you check out the teaser below.