EXO-Ls Are Melting After Finding Out Xiumin Gave His Autograph To An Officer In The Military 

The news is making everyone feel incredibly soft:

Ever since EXO‘s Xiumin left for the military, everyone has been patiently waiting for news about him to soothe their heart and the most recent update has fans everywhere melting!


A few days ago, fans not only got a surprise clip featuring Xiumin…


They also found out that Xiumin had sweetly given his autograph to an officer in the military after a picture of the autograph was posted online along with a few words from the person who received it!

Account of seeing Xiumin. He’s handsome. So Xiumin is a human too! He’s kind.


Fans have been absolutely melting since they found out and have been exclaiming over how sweet Xiumin truly is.


Meanwhile, Xiumin’s expected military discharge date is in December 2020.