EXO’s Xiumin Once Stole Zico’s Fan From Right Underneath His Nose

Xiumin is truly irresistible.

Every EXO-L has fallen for EXO‘s oldest member. He’s cute, sexy, caring, and such an amazing performer that it seems impossible that anyone could possibly resist him in the first place! It seems, however, that no one actually can resist Xiumin!


Back in 2015, a part-time worker at a coffee shop revealed the time that she met Xiumin at work. When she first set eyes on him, she thought he looked very familiar and soon became convinced that he was, in fact, the one and only Xiumin.

“I saw Xiumin at the shop. Well, I didn’t just see him I also took his order. I was so close to him and at first, I thought he just looked like Xiumin but I became more convinced when I saw ‘Kim Minseok’ written on his credit card.”

— Fan


Even before she had figured out it was Xiumin, she was blown away by his visuals.

“I thought, ‘It’s too bad for a man like him to be a normal person.’ When I asked him whether he had his point card, he said he had left it at home with a cute and regretful expression on his face. He was so nice and even without makeup, he was really handsome.”

— Fan


And even though she was already a big fan of Zico, she just couldn’t help but fall for Xiumin after seeing him!

“I have completely fallen in love with him. I am a fan of Zico, but Xiumin was like a flash of light to me. I wish he could read this post.”

— Fan


But really, who can resist Xiumin?