EXO-Ls Will Be Able To See EXO A Lot Sooner Than They Expected

Are you excited?

EXO-Ls will be able to see their favorite group much sooner than they might have thought!


Ever since promotions for “Love Shot” ended, EXO-Ls have been feeling like they’re in a drought. While they have been happy to see the members of EXO enjoying their well-deserved vacations and bringing the heat to the fashion world, they’ve also been missing the members too.


With no news of EXO’s fifth world tour yet and only a CBX Japan tour confirmed so far, EXO-Ls have been wondering when get to see most of the members together again. It looks like it might be sooner than anyone expected though because Oksusu, the company that has brought us Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, has just announced they will be holding an online fan meeting with EXO!


The company recently revealed through their Facebook page that the show has just hit 10 million views and to celebrate they announced they’ll be hosting an online fan meeting very soon. Only there’s one catch…


The fan meeting won’t be held until 20 million views have been reached.

“We are celebrating Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder accumulating 10 million views! If we achieve 20 million accumulated views, Oksusu will hold EXO’s online fan meeting!”

— Oksusu


But with the power of EXO-Ls and their love for EXO, those 20 million views should be done in no time! Then we’ll get to see our boys live!