EXO’s Answers To This Question Will Let You Know Their Real Personalities

Yes, Your Majesty!!

EXO-Ls are saying this question from EXO‘s Japan magazine interview accurately shows each members’ personality. The question asks, “What would you do if you ever become a king?”

Suho: “I want to build a country without crime by stabilizing security.”

This answer fits Suho’s sincere and kind personality. His passionate and trustworthy nature will make him a great king!

Baekhyun: “I don’t want to be a king…”

Oh, our cute and high-spirited Baekhyun. This simple answer presents Baekhyun’s sensitive and honest personality so well.

Chanyeol: “I want to rest doing nothing.”

This is so Chanyeol! He is ambitious yet still holds a childlike innocence. He doesn’t mind becoming a king but doesn’t want to do anything with it.

D.O.: “I want to build a country where everyone is equal.”

EXO’s most calm and thoughtful man, D.O. This shows his genuinely kind character that puts other people before him. We need a king like that now!

Kai: “I want to build a country where everyone is happy.”

EXO’s sexy happy virus Kai! You can see Kai’s pureness and his energetic personality.

Sehun: I want to do my best to govern a great country.

You know what they say, Maknae on top! Sehun’s cool and can do attitude is clearly shown here.

Xiumin: “I think I’ll lose all the fun in life…”

EXO’s little fairy Xiumin. We don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do…

Chen: “King has too many responsibilities… I don’t think it suits me well.”

Always positive and care-free Chen! We think Chen will make a great king but we understand he never wants to be tied down ruling over other people.

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