EXO’s Baekhyun Shows Fans Nothing Will Stop Him From Performing On Stage

EXO performed at the Lotte Family Festival on October 22ndbut what really caught fans’ attention was the eyepatch that Baekhyun wore during the performances.

EXO performed their hit songs, “Monster”, “Lotto”, and “Heaven” at the event. While the performances went off without a hitch, Baekhyun stood out due to a mysterious eyepatch on his right eye. The SM Entertainment artist revealed that he had an eye infection called a stye on his right eye.

Baekhyun apologized to fans for the infection and thanked them for their overwhelming support in making the Lotto album a success.

Take a look at these photos of Baekhyun performing in his mysterious eyepatch:

Baekhyun smiled at fans despite eye infection.
Baekhyun looked handsome while smiling at fans despite his eye infection.
Baekhyun makes eye contact as he waves back at his fans.
Baekhyun makes eye contact as he waves back at his fans.
Baekhyun makes eyecontact with fans.
Baekhyun proved that he looks handsome, even in an eyepatch.
Baekhyun pulls off an amazing performance with EXO despite eye infection.
At some angles, the eyepatch was almost invisible.
Baekhyun pulls off a powerful performance despite eye infection.
Baekhyun was, amazingly, still able to convey a lot of emotion throughout the performance.
Baekhyun smiled as he listened the fans' cheers and screams.
Baekhyun’s smile could make you believe he’d forgotten about the infection.
Baekhyun looked down as confetti falls after EXO finished their powerful performances.
As the confetti came streaming down, Baekhyun looked pleased he was able to provide a stellar performance in spite of the eyepatch.

Baekhyun proved that nothing could hold him back from giving a stellar performance, not even being able to see out of only one eye. What a pro!

A fan captured video of Baekhyun performing with his eye patch. Watch the video below:


EXO is currently gearing up for their December comeback and fans are excited as beautiful previews of their Christmas album, For You, have recently been released.