EXO’s Kai Couldn’t Believe Suho Called Him This And His Response Was The Cutest

“… We are going that far?”

On the latest episode of Travel the World on EXO’s ladder, Chanyeol suggested a new game to play in the bus. The rule was for each member to give a meaningless nickname to the person to their right. Once everyone had a nickname, members can only answer questions with the nickname they were given, and whoever laughs or refuses to answer loses the game.

Starting from Chanyeol, members went in a circle to give each other nicknames. Mostly it was silly and funny nicknames like Chanyeol naming Chen as “Siheung Park Public Bathroom and D.O. naming Xiumin “Dog Poop”.

While other members didn’t mind the nicknames they were given, Kai could not accept the nickname Suho has given him. Kai looked very offended and couldn’t believe Suho gave him such a horrible nickname. Suho explained it didn’t mean anything, that Kai’s socks just caught his eyes but Kai didn’t want to hear any of it.

“For you… ‘Sock Mold’!”

“… We are going that far?”


The funny thing is, “Sock Mold” wasn’t the worst nickname out of the group.

Chanyeol -> Chen (Siheung Park Public Bathroom)

Chen -> D.O. (180)

D.O.-> Xiumin (Dog Poop)

Xiumin -> Baekhyun (Pervert)

Baekhyun->Suho (Choco Pie Poop)

Suho -> Kai (Sock Mold)

Kai -> Chanyeol (Yes, Hyung Nim)


But Kai really was shocked by the nickname and couldn’t even say it out loud when it was his turn to play the game.

Kai blamed his loss to Suho and asked “Why did you have to name me ‘Sock Mold?”

Kai pouted and complained he wanted a nickname change, and you know the kind EXO members accepted his request. It is hilarious to see Kai putting in so much thought to what is supposed to be a “Meaningless” nickname game. XD

Watch the full hilarious clip here: