EXO’s Sehun Posted This Video Of Himself Swimming And Fans Are Losing It

After sharing with his fans that he has been learning how to swim, Sehun finally revealed this short clip of his skills. 

Earlier this year Sehun’s long time friend Jeong Da Rae, who is also a professional swimmer, taught Sehun how to swim. Although she received hate from some fans, a large amount of EXO-Ls rushed to apologize and thank her for teaching Sehun the sport.

On the second day of their EXO’rDIUM tour in Hong Kong, the members of EXO played a guessing game with their fans. Sehun pretended to swim on stage and even showed the stretching process before jumping onto the floor to swim freestyle and butterfly stroke. Xiumin asked the fans to guess what he was pretending to do, and Chanyeol jokingly said that he was a vacuum.

After returning to Korea, Sehun posted a video of himself at the swimming pool in Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, presumably taken after the concert. Sehun diligently swam across the whole length of the pool in freestyle. Despite only being able to see his back muscles, fans praised the singer for his great physique and steady swimming skills.


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