EXO’s Sehun Stuns At Louis Vuitton Fashion Show, Right Next To Emma Stone

Sehun may have just taken over the whole fashion show!

When EXO‘s Sehun attends a fashion show, he makes sure he leaves everyone stunned. Last year was voted the “Best Dressed Man” at the Louis Vuitton fashion show.


He also had a few pictures snapped with another man known for his unique fashion, Jaden Smith.


Fast forward to this year’s Louis Vuitton 2019 Cruise fashion show where he’s stealing hearts with his smart style and sweet smiles.


It also turns out that Sehun was one hot commodity at the event. Fans were quick to realize he was seated right next to Hollywood sweetheart Emma Stone!


Emma wasn’t the only celeb to get close to one of our favorite K-Pop idols. Jennifer Connelly and Lea Seydoux were also seen sitting next to him!


What makes it even more exciting is where Sehun was sitting at the event. He was actually sitting in the front row. While this may not seem like the biggest deal, the front row is normally only for VIPs!

He was sitting in one of the best spots to be able to view the fashion show!


Sehun, his prominent spot, and his famous seat-mates definitely made an impact on the show and the people watching. So much so that #SEHUNxLV is trending on Twitter! Currently, he’s sitting at #4.

He’s only topped by a soccer match, memes of the President of Argentina, and a U.S. holiday. That’s pretty amazing.


Since he’s been trending, Twitter seems to have been flooded with even more pictures and tweets featuring Sehun at the show.


Besides the info about Sehun at the Louis Vuitton show, Sehun was featured on Vogue Japan, Vogue Korea, and Vogue Thailand‘s Instagram pages!

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Vogue Korea has also made a splash with their special hint in relation to the star. At the bottom of the post about the event they say, “Wait for the project, STAY TUNED!” This is preceded by #EXO and #Sehun, leading many fans to suspect that Vogue Korea has something up their sleeves!


While we all can’t wait to see what kind of event is being planned, we also must congratulate Sehun for another memorable fashion show!

Source: @milkteu and @Butterfly412_