An Extra From the Set of “Parasite” Reveals the Outstanding Treatment He Received From the Crew

“The set of ‘Parasite’ was comprehensively different from the rest.”

Following the grand success of the Korean film, Parasite, one man who appeared in the film as an extra revealed the kind of treatment he received on set.


He recently uploaded a post titled, “I Appeared in the Film, Parasite“.

He shared that he visited the set 3 times for the scene where Ki Tae (Song Kang Ho) visited President Park’s (Lee Sun Gyun) IT company before getting the job as a driver, the scene where people gathered in a gymnasium after the flood, and a scene shot on the streets.

He first revealed that they shot no more than 10 cuts per day and that they were meticulous in the way that they filmed.

They never shot more than 10 cuts per day. That made me realize just how detailed they were when they shot every scene.

– Mr. A

He continued to explain why he thought the atmosphere of the set was one of the best he had ever seen.

They always chose angles that gave the actors close-ups, and the atmosphere of the set was really the best I’ve ever experienced.

– Mr. A

Regarding the scene shot in the gymnasium, everyone was apparently informed that no meals would be provided since they filmed in the middle of the night, only to be faced with an unexpected gift on set.

Since we were filming in the middle of the night, they told us to bring our own food since breakfast and lunch wouldn’t be provided. But when we got there, the production staff gave all of us a plastic bag containing snacks, and lots of other food. I was in awe.

– Mr. A

He concluded that the set of Parasite was different from any other film he appeared in and praised their outstanding directing ability.

I can’t deny that the directing ability was spectacular compared to all of the other sets I’ve been on. I don’t know how to describe it, but the set of ‘Parasite’ was comprehensively different from the rest.

– Mr. A

Source: Insight