Famous Fit Mom Goes Viral Again But This Time For Another Reason

Maria Kang went viral back in 2013, and she’s doing it again 5 years later.

In 2013, Maria Kang uploaded a picture of her toned body with the caption “What’s Your Excuse?”, also featuring her 3 children, who are just 1 year apart.

The post went viral because people believed she was fat-shaming people who couldn’t lose weight, but Maria Kang thought she was showing people what a healthy body can look like.

“All I’ve tried to imply is that my body is representative of what health looks like. Of course, there are different ways to look healthy.” — Maria Kang

Nearly 5 years later, she has now recreated her viral photo with an updated version, one that forces people to think “why?”

“Identifying your excuse is the first step; finding your reason — your ‘why’ — is the second step.” — Maria Kang

She believes in first addressing any excuses one might make in not being healthy, then finding out why, and then the reasons to stay healthy for the long run.

“I’ve addressed my excuses and now I’m finding my reason to prioritize my health in the long game.” — Maria Kang

She’s now a fitness advocate, coach, blogger, and founder of the No Excuse Mom movement, a nonprofit organization which promotes a healthy lifestyle for mothers.

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She travels around the world, sharing her story and inspiring other women to achieve their ideal health goals.

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Source: ABC News