Famous Korean Dancer Surprises The World With Amazing Performance At NYFW

Lia Kim, a famous Korean choreographer, rocked the New York Fashion Week runway with a modern dance performance. 

To support fellow Korean fashion designer Lee Ji Youn and her label Jarret, Lia Kim gave an amazing performance during the Jarret show during New York Fashion Week, which happened last month. Lia Kim is known for being a dancer from popular youtube dance channel 1Million Dance Studio and has choreographed for TWICE and I.O.I in the past. Lia’s dance on the runway encaptured many Eastern themes and featured popping, breaking and flexing, vogueing, and robotic movements. Her performance was internationally praised, as people from all over the world came to watch the show and were greatly impressed.

NYFW 2017 Jarret show rehearsal #nyfw2017 #liakim

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Not only was her dancing spectacular by itself, but her performance was also done freestyle, a testament to Lia Kim’s tremendous skill and confidence.

Check out the full video of her performance here!