A Fan Asked Gain To Slap Him In The Face… What She Did Next Was Totally Unexpected

Gain made sure this fan remembers the day forever.

One particular fan made an outrageous request to be slapped in the face by Gain so that she would remember him. Instead of granting his wish though, Gain blessed the fan with another gesture that would ensure he remembers the day forever.


Back in 2011, a fan greeted Gain as he held up a sign saying his birthday wish is to be slapped across the face by Gain and she happily obliged!


The fan readied himself for the blow while Gain wound up for the strike…


… but in an adorable turn of events, she gave him a little peck on the cheek instead!

The lucky fanboy could hardly contain himself!


Other fans who have witnessed this interaction are in love with how Gain responded to the fan’s request and, well, jealous.

  • “Ah jealous max! I also want a kiss from Gain unnie!”

  • “OMG I also want that kiss!”

  • “Welp… jealousy factor over 9000”


Check out the full clip of Gain’s adorable fan-star moment below: