A Fan Scolded RM At A Fansign And BTS’s Reactions Were Priceless

RM dropped an “Endgame” spoiler and this ARMY wasn’t having it.

An ARMY shouted what everybody was thinking at one of BTS‘s fan signs.

On April 25, 2019, BTS hosted a Q&A at their M2U fan sign. The members answered fan-submitted questions about their “pets”, their favorite music, and more.

At one point, J-Hope told a funny story about spotting Jin in disguise at a movie theater. Jungkook then asked if Jin and J-Hope had seen Avengers: Endgame together. Jin asked if he wanted to hear spoilers…

…and Jungkook and Suga quickly said “no” (no spoilers, please!). RM told Jin to “be quiet”, but, seconds later…

…RM dropped a spoiler himself!

A fan in the audience shouted “wae guerae! / (왜 그래)” at him, meaning, “what’s wrong with you?” or “why are you like this?”. It took BTS totally by surprise! J-Hope cracked up…

V, Jungkook, and Jimin all appeared shocked, then started laughing too…

…and RM looked quite pleased with himself!

Afterward, RM backpedaled and he told Jin to be quiet again when he started dropping more spoilers!

Check out the whole Q&A here: