A Fan Asked Simon D to Marry Her Again 7 Years After Her First Marriage Proposal

Persistence is key.

Simon D and a female fan 12 years younger just had a Twitter exchange that is going viral in online communities.

What’s gaining particular attention is the fact that the exchange began back in 2013.

The female fan proactively proposed to Simon D and explained why it made sense.

The trend nowadays is to date people who are 12 years apart.

– Fan

And in response, Simon D shut her down by calling her too young.

What’s this little kid saying?

– Simon D

But she refused to back down and promised to keep proposing to him until he says yes.

Oppa, you’ll regret this later. So I’ll make sure you won’t regret this by keep proposing to you.

– Fan

Yeah, let’s see how long this lasts.

– Simon D

Keep a close eye on me.

– Fan

And 7 years later, the fan followed up on her proposal 7 years back with yet another attempt.

Oppa, how about you marry me now?

– Fan

The screenshot of this interaction went viral, and one netizen, in particular, gave the fan credit for her persistence.

At this rate, Simon D needs to consider it. The fan proposed to him again after 7 years.

– Netizen

But Simon D gave his answer by reposting this interaction on his Instagram and captioning it with one sentence.

What’s this little kid still saying?

– Simon D

He might have turned her down, but netizens can’t get over how cute and sweet the interaction is.

She might’ve failed this time, but there’s always next time, right?

Source: The Qoo