Fans Are Accusing PLEDIS Entertainment Of Being Cheap After Noticing This One Persistent Detail

“We all knew about this but this is pretty bad”

PLEDIS Entertainment was known to periodically “recycle” their outfits, but netizens have judged that they have simply gone too far this time.


A user of an online community uploaded multiple photos of Pledis artists wearing the same outfit and asked other users whether this was normal for entertainment companies.


Some netizens didn’t seem to care much that the outfits were being reused, pointing out that it was not out of the ordinary for agencies to do so.

  • “Yea, sponsored outfits are usually recycled. They often overlap with celebrities from other agencies too…”
  • “Who cares if they recycle”
  • “How do you think they give the clothes back and forth between artists when they all have different stylists? They’re just styling them with the newest items, which are inevitably all similar.”
  • “Even YG recycles their clothes”


Many netizens, however, agreed that Pledis’ recycling of outfits was nothing new and criticized them for it.

  • “We all knew about this but this is pretty bad”
  • “As far as I know, they’re the worst”
  • “In addition to these, I’ve seen about 5 more here and there”
  • “If that agency makes their artists go on a diet, I feel like they’d be doing it to make them fit the clothing size. This is the first time I’m seeing outfits being recycled regardless of gender, size or height.”
  • “It looks pretty bad”
  • “I understand if the agency doesn’t make much profit but doesn’t Pledis make pretty good money??”


In fact, this was not the first time Pledis Entertainment was criticized for recycling their outfits. Other netizens have also indicated instances of when Pledis Entertainment had reused outfits.


Moreover, netizens have criticized the entertainment company for their sense of fashion and the clothing they use for their artists.

“Who would ever think a person wearing this is in his 20’s? I momentarily doubted my eyes when I saw this outfit. Even our fathers don’t wear clothes like this.”

“Dear Pledis, the beauty of stage mixes is a change of outfits…We don’t even expect you to change their outfits for all 3 days so at least change their clothes for the middle concert…or change the black and white for each setlist…I made a stage mix and it looks like they were all from the same day…please put in a little more effort in the next concert~ please change the hair as well~ please ㅇㅅㅇ”

“Spend some d*amn money on PRISTIN’s outfits, Pledis.”

“What do you do when their airport fashion is better than their red carpet outfit? Pledis, please try harder~”

“While searching for Pledis girls I was shocked at how sloppy their outfits were.”

Source: Pann Nate