Fans worried for WJSN members’ health after hearing Yeonjung’s voice on radio

Fans are growing increasingly concerned with the health of this Cosmic Girls member.

While life as an idol might look full of glamour and riches at first glance, idols also face many hardships and challenges almost every day. In fact, there have been many cases in which idols were reported to have fallen ill and were even admitted into the hospital.  Recently it appears that such accidents are happening more frequently due to the rising popularity of idol groups.

Fans on have been recently expressing their concerns for one idol over social media. In the past, I.O.I and Cosmic Girls member Yeonjung has stated several times that she has been having issues with her health, causing many to become alarmed. Her health seems to be worsening due to her hectic schedule, as she is actively promoting with both groups.  The declining of her health was noticed due to the hoarseness from losing her voice. But to address concerns, Yeonjung recently explained that she often visits the doctor and is taking care of her health.

Many are becoming concerned with Yeonjung’s well-being after noticing that she has lost her voice. The idol is said to be recording one final album with I.OI and fans are concerned that her condition will get even worse if she does not rest.