Fans are turning out in droves to see this Korean baseball cheerleader

This Korean cheerleader for baseball teams is going viral for her beauty and amazing s-line body.

Lee Na Kyung is currently a cheerleader for the Korean baseball team, the Doosan Bears, and her cute face and incredibly fit body have already started gathering a lot of fans.

Her Instagram has already reached 24.3k followers, and she has slowly been attracting baseball and non-baseball fans from all over Korea ever since she started cheerleading for the Hanhwa Eagles in August 2016.F

Fans expressed how happy they were to have such a beautiful cheerleader cheer for and support their favorite team, and that they were more driven to attend the games if it meant they could catch a glimpse of her.

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They were immediately attracted to her bright and contagious smile, as well as her tiny waist and toned s-line body. Furthermore, fans described her to look like a combination of actresses Shin Min Ah and Han Chae Young.

Check out some of her gorgeous photos below!

Lee Nakyung pouts while posing for a selfie in her Hanhwa Eagles cheerleading outfit.
Her smile is so cute!
Lee Nakyung dresses appropriately for a game on Christmas.
She definitely looks like she loves her job!
Her waist and face are tiny!
So gorgeous!

Source: Dispatch and Kookmin Ilbo