Fans Are Begging IU to Officially Release These 4 Self Composed Songs

The one she wrote for Yoo In Na is so beautiful.

IU, who is loved for her delicate singing voice and story-like lyrics, not only sweeps the charts with officially released songs, but she also gifts her fans with hidden songs at some of concerts and fan meetings.

Here are the 4 secret songs that fans are begging IU to release in the official market:

1. “You”

IU first revealed this song in an official fan cafe and said she wrote it on the set of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo while thinking about her best friend, Yoo In Na.

2. “Drama”

This song is so popular among fans that there are rumors that it might be featured on her next official album.

3. “Bus Stop”

“Bus Stop” is a song IU wrote about her character Lee Ji An in her drama, My Mister. It’s a song about wondering if you will meet the person you miss at the next bus stop.

4. “Dream of a Fried Egg”

This song was gifted to IU by Chanhyuk of Akdong Musician, and she even made a guest appearance at one of their concerts to sing it for fans.

Which one is your favorite?

Source: Insight