Fans Can’t Believe Naeun Wore These Pants In Public

“She’s pretty but those pants look like the fake crab meat you put in Korean pancakes.”

Apink’s Naeun recently showed up for the filming of Music Bank wearing a pair of red pants that fans could not believe she wore.


Fans could not believe she wore these pants because they were so unique.

  • “Those pants are so weird but it actually looks okay…hm…”
  • “Her pants look like crab meat.”
  • “Looks like dried peppers.”
  • “Naeun is pretty, but what material are those pants?”
  • “I’m really sorry but it looks like an onion net.”
  • “She’s pretty but those pants look like the fake crab meat you put in Korean pancakes.”


Some guessed that the material of the pants was vinyl.

  • “What’s the material of those pants? Naeun is pretty but the pants look like the vinyl we lay out when we make kimchi lol. Can’t believe she made it work.”
  • “Her body is amazing. The pants look good too but it kind of looks like vinyl that makes rustling noises. She must be hot in those.”


What fans were more surprised at, however, was how well she pulled off the look.

  • “Damn…she can really pull off anything…”
  • “What is it that Naeun can’t pull off…”
  • “Making those colors with those shoes and pants work is truly amazing. It suits her long, straight hair.”
  • “Looks like dried peppers but she looks good in them.”
  • “The clothes suck but she makes them look good.”
  • “She looks like an American model.”


With a beautiful face and sexy body, fans have been convinced that Naeun can wear any style of clothing and make it look amazing.

  • “She probably knows she has a hot body lol it’s like ‘Look at me, I can even pull off these pants! How do you like it?'”
  • “I was amazed every time seeing this pure-looking girl perfecting difficult looks like that.”
  • “Her body is the best. With a body like that, she must be excited every time she wears something.”
  • “She’s so freaking pretty. Her body makes the outfit shine.”
  • “When Naeun wears it, it becomes fashion.”


With the confident poise that Naeun exudes, it seems like she can pull off any look she wants!


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To feminine chic, Naeun is able to pull it all off!

Source: Pann Nate