Fans claim America turned J-Hope into a totally different person

Fans noticed a slight change in J-Hope’s aura as BTS continue their concert tour in the United States. 

BTS started their tour in the United States in Newark last March 23 and is set to meet fans until April. According to concert goers, J-Hope had more style and confidence during his time in the United States.

A fan taken video from their concert stop in Newark even found him introducing himself in a different manner than normal. He was quoted describing himself “I’m your hope, I’m your angel,” with a sexier edge which earned the biggest cheers from his fans.

Catch this sassy statement at the 00:44 mark.

Many have even commented that he has gotten more visibly appealing, proven by his bold poses in selfies taken in the states. A transformation from his usual goofy and charming demeanor.

Fans claim J-Hope has a new air about him in these selfies.

This selfie shows how J-Hope’s attitude seems sexier.

The hats, the camera angel, and the look are a totally different side of J-Hope!

J-Hope earned some swag while in the United States

He’s earned the nickname “Jay”.

At present, he joins the rest of BTS for their ongoing concert tour which earned a lot of impressed reviews from concert goers.