This member of girl group Switch is the new S-Line queen of K-Pop

A perfect backside may be a rarity in K-pop, but not for group Switch.

Switch is a group from Dam Entertainment that made their debut in year 2014 with their track “Bikini.” In July, they also released their album fiEsTaLocA which includes two of their tracks “Bikini” and “39 Degrees.”

The group has recently been gaining a lot attention through viral videos on YouTube and other online video platforms. Member Gayoung is especially becoming a topic of discussion when K-Pop fans talk about female idols with the hottest bodies.

A recent GIF has been going viral amongst fans revealing Gayoung’s perfect backside which is considered very uncommon for female idols.

Gayoung (Switch) – Oporo – Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat

Also check out the video showing the individual members’ choreographies below!

Source: Gyfcat, Youtube