Fans Compiled Evidence That BTS Jin’s Mom Was A Miss Korea — And Everything Makes Sense

Rumor has it that good looks run in the family.

BTS‘s Jin is known for his “Worldwide Handsome” visuals and, rumor has it, he may have inherited these good looks from his beautiful mother.


A few BTS members, like J-Hope, have been somewhat open about their families by sharing selfies and/or talking about them on shows, but Jin’s family is still a mystery.


Like this fan pointed out, many Jin “facts” haven’t been confirmed yet.


So far, fans know that Jin is the youngest of two children…


…and the son of an alleged CEO. Although Jin does resemble his father, he may have received more of his visuals from his mother.


As of right now, this snap from Jin’s childhood is believed to be the only photo of his mother online.


It isn’t much to go off of, but there’s still no denying the similarities this mother and son share.


Their gorgeous visuals have led some fans to speculate that Jin’s mother may have been in the entertainment industry herself, possibly as a model. Back in July though, word started to spread that Jin’s mother wasn’t just a model; she was a former Miss Korea winner!


According to fans, the rumors stem from a mistranslation of a Japanese publication. The article allegedly mentioned Jin’s father, but did not mention his mother. Somewhere along the line though, details about Jin’s mother were added then circulated.


Most netizens know not to believe everything they read but, in this case, gossip was easily taken for fact because how can a face like this…


not belong to the son of Miss Korea?


As soon as the rumour was out, detective ARMYs did what they do best: they compiled “evidence” by combing through Miss Korea photos from the 1970s.


This Miss Korea, Kim Sunghee, isn’t Jin’s mom…


…but she really looks like she could be!


Just look at her broad shoulders. Don’t they remind you of Jin’s?


Miss Korea 1975, So Ji Hye, also has some similarities to Jin, but the two are unrelated.


As of right now, Jin’s mother still remains a mystery but, whoever she is, she must be drop-dead gorgeous to have given birth to a son like this!