Fans Concerned Over AOA Seolhyun’s Latest Photos Showing Drastic Weight Loss

Fans are concerned for her health.

AOA recently made an epic comeback with their latest hit “Bingle Bangle”, but after seeing Seolhyun‘s latest weight loss, many fans began to voice their concerns for her health.


During the performance for “Bingle Bangle”, fans noticed that Seolhyun looked thinner than ever with her ribs clearly showing from her midriff.

  • “That’s not a thin body that’s pretty, she’s lost too much weight to the point where you should be worried…”
  • “Do you think she’s taking care of her health by eating three healthy portions a day? No. This is the body you get when you just starve yourself. I don’t se this as a healthy figure but just a unhealthily thin person.”
  • “Seolhyun… you lost too much weight… let’s gain a little back.”


Some commented that she looks tired and weak, suspecting that she’s lacking energy because of an extreme weight loss diet.

  • “Her face looks tired like she’s sick. She looked better before. She lost the elegance.”
  • “She lost too much weight, her face doesn’t look pretty. I always thought she was beautiful… but this is too much.”
  • “She was skinny before but now she’s gotten even skinner… I worry for her health…”


Seolhyun’s always been known for her healthy body, having a well toned physique complemented by her adorable chubby cheeks.


But it her baby cheeks look thinner in the latest photos for her new promotion.


On the other hand, another group of fans are claiming she looks beautiful in her new look.

  • “Seolhyun’s truly blessed with her body… Her proportions are great, her body type is small, her waist is thin but she has hips…”
  • “She’s tall but her bones are thin and pretty. I’m so f*cking jealous. She’s got a blessed body..”
  • “Seolhyun’s so damn pretty.”


Many comments mentioned how they were jealous of her slim figure.

  • “Her body is so pretty… Even if I diet my hardest I’d never be able to get a body like hers.”
  • “It’s good to see her taking care of her body so frequently. She looks great!”


Whether she’s undergoing a diet or not, fans only want Seolhyun to be happy and healthy!

“Seolhyun you’re always pretty! You can always healthily gain back some weight when you’re done promoting.” — Fan

Source: Pann Nate