Fans Were Confused With BTS Jimin’s Beauty Mark Until They Realized It Was Just Ice Cream

How cute can he be!?

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment released news of the release of BTS’s MEMORIES of 2019 DVD and fans have noticed something about Jimin that they are confused about.

Online community boards began posting screen shots and photos of Jimin and his ‘beauty mark’ on his nose wondering if that had always been there. Posts with titles such as ‘Did Jimin always have a beauty mark on his nose?’ and ‘Did you guys get something on Jimin’s nose on your copy of the DVD too’ and more.

When you look at other photos, Jimin is seen without the beauty mark on his nose.

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| CanCam

But when you look at the MEMORIES 2019 DVD, you can clearly there is a spot on his nose!

It turns out that before they began filming, the members had shared a chocolate ice cream cone, causing a bit of the ice cream to get on Jimin’s nose! What’s funny is that the other members nor the staff members noticed until after they finished filming!

After filming, he came to check his appearance in the camera when he finally noticed the bit of chocolate that was on his nose.

Chocolate on his nose or not, nothing can hinder Jimin’s visuals!